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Market consultation "Unmanned Survey Platform"

As a company or research group, you can participate in our market consultation on Thursday, January 10, in Aalst. As a part of our PIO-project 'Measuring networks Flemish Environment Agency', we are doing research on how to implement unmanned survey platforms in water quality measurements and bathymetry.

Who are we looking for?

For the subproject 'Unmanned Survey Platform (USP)' we invite companies and research groups to participate in a market consultation together with VMM and Addestino Innovation Management. We focus on companies that have knowledge and experience in developing and setting up of autonomous measuring vessels, that use these vessels in various applications within water quality determination & bathymetry and that adapt these vessels to the specific needs of the applications and the watercourses where the vehicle will be used.


For more than 25 years, the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) has had various monitoring networks at its disposal to report on the quality of surface waters and soils in Flanders. In the PIO project, entitled 'Measuring networks Flemish Environment Agency' VMM wants to focus in one of the three subprojects on the further development of an Unmanned Survey Platform for bathymetric measurements (sludge thickness, water depth) and quality measurement of surface water. The possibility to sail autonomously within a predetermined research field offers important opportunities in data collection. All collected measurement data must also be easily stored and processed in the existing databases.

This project is part of a larger project within VMM aimed at developing 1 custom software for all measurement networks, which is adapted to the current and future needs.

Objective market consultation

During the market consultation we want to bring the supply and demand side of this project together and 'match'. The aim is to investigate to what extent companies and research groups can provide solutions for the needs and requirements of VMM, and how feasible (in terms of time, budget, development trajectory, etc.) andinnovative these solutions are.

For a smooth discussion and good result, it is advisable to have your company or research group represented bya technical employee (rather than by a sales or PR employee). They can usually better and faster estimate what the technological solutions can be for each use-case.

The outcome of the market consultation should enable VMM to develop a suitable innovative solution for the stated need or to purchase it via a government contract.

Where and when?

The market consultation will take place on Thursday 10 January from 13:30 to 17:00 in the auditorium of the Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij, Dokter De Moorstraat 24-26, 9300 Aalst.

Register here (before January 7)

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