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Water meter 2016

This report provides a statistical overview of the drinking water sector in Flanders, from source to tap. With the ‘Water Meter’, the WaterRegulator (the Flemish Regulation Authority) aims to paint a clear picture of the sector in Flanders, by means of figures and statistics.

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MIRA System Balance 2017

Societal systems are more and more reaching their limits: we face the important challenge of meeting both our present and future needs within the capacity of our planet. In this MIRA publication we examine to what extent the energy, mobility and food systems in Flanders are in environmental balance and what system changes are needed.

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Blue Print of System Dynamics Model Flanders

This report describes the development of the first version of a running system dynamics model aimed at supporting prospective studies for long-term environmental planning in Flanders such as the MIRA Environmental Exploration.

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Water meter 2014

This report provides a clear picture in numbers of the drinking water sector in Flanders.The Water Meter gives information about the production and supply of our drinking water. The water data have been updated and new elements are added.

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Water, air and the environment. These are the three domains in which VMM is active.

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