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Environmental Outlook 2018: Solutions for a sustainable future

Issue 22-04-2019The Environmental Outlook 2018 describes and analyses solutions that can contribute to an (ecologically) more sustainable energy, mobility and food system.

Conventional climate policy is reaching its limits. Many environmental indicators are improving, but various positive trends are clearly slowing down. Other indicators illustrate the important impact on humans, nature and the economy. Moreover, megatrends such as demographic changes, increasing shortages of raw materials and resources, and climate change put today's societal systems under pressure. A systemdriven approach is needed to bring about the transition to a more sustainable Flanders. Such an approach looks at the behaviour of large societal systems in transition and then develops integrated solutions at system level.

Europe and Flanders want to evolve to an ecologically more sustainable society by 2050. How can we make that ambition come true? The Environmental Outlook 2018 presents an in-depth analysis of the energy, mobility and food systems. It looks at a broad range of solutions and innovations, with their environmental impact and possible trade-offs and co-benefits. It zooms in on potential levers: measures, innovations or trends that could support and speed up the desired solutions. Special attention is given to the Flemish space, which, as a supporting and resilient platform, will have to facilitate the various societal transitions. The findings and insights of this report are meant to serve as a scientifically based source of inspiration for policy makers and all societal actors who are looking to help shape the transition to a sustainable society.

researchers: MIRA, Flanders Environment Report

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