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RIPARIAS: Invasive alien aquatic and riparian plant species – identification guide

IssueThe European LIFE RIPARIAS project focuses on the management and control of different invasive alien aquatic and riparian plants and invasive alien crayfish species. To help field workers recognize these invasive species, the project developed guides with useful visual identification sheets.

Since 2021, the VMM has been working within the European LIFE RIPARIAS project to control and contain various invasive riparian plants and crayfish species to protect Flanders’ native nature and biodiversity. 

RIPARIAS developed guides to identify and best manage these species.

The ‘Invasive alien aquatic and riparian plant species – identification guide’ helps field workers identify invasive riparian plants so they can actively participate in more intensive monitoring of non-native species. The guide consists of simple, visual identification sheets. To facilitate recognition of species in the field, a comparison is made between native and non-native species that are similar in appearance.

If you work in the field, be sure to download the guide and help curb invasive species. If you have spotted an invasive alien species, you can report it via different platforms, such as observation.org or inaturalist.org. This way, you can actively contribute to the protection of our ecosystems from invasive alien species.

More information on www.riparias.be

Monty A., Patinet M., Gosse D., Guyon J., Delaporte M., Latli A., Branquart E., Vermeersch X., et Limet F (2022) Invasive Alien Plants of Aquatic and Riperian Environments - Identification Guide. LIFE RIPARIAS Project, 36p.

researchers: A. Monty, M. Patinet, D. Gosse, J. Guyon, M. Delaporte, A. Latli, E. Branquart, X. Vermeersch, F. Limet

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