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An integrated look at water

VMM starts from an integrated vision concerning water. The ambitious objective of the European Water Framework Directive - a good general status of the surface water and ground water in Flanders - serves as a guiding principle.

Via the Integrated Water Policy Coordination Commission we coordinate the consultation on the integrated water policy between all the parties concerned at Flemish level. Europe has divided the water system into river basins. A river basin is the area of land from which all surface water runs off to a given waterway, via which it is subsequently drained to the sea. 

Four river basins are partly located onVondelbeek Flemish territory. The river basins of the Yser, the Bruges Polders and the Scheldt were allocated to the international Scheldt river basin district, and the Meuse river basin to the international Meuse river basin district. Consultation and planning of the water management in the river basin districts takes place within international river commissions.


VMM coordinates the integrated water policy. We monitor the condition of the water systems, and develop policy instruments to achieve environmental targets for water.

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