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VMM is part of the Environment, Nature and Energy policy domain of the Flemish government. We have a wide range of responsibilities within the domains water, air and the environment.

Our mission

The mission of VMM is to contribute to the realisation of the environmental policy objectives by reporting on the state of the environment and by preventing, limiting and reversing harmful impacts on water systems and pollution of the atmosphere, and to the realisation of the integrated water policy objectives.

Our tasks

Our tasks are established by decree and conducted under a management agreement with the Flemish government, setting strategic and operational goals, but also ensuring a great deal of autonomy concerning how we carry out our tasks and how we develop our organisation.

Flanders Environment Agency has eight departments.


organisation chart 2016


Director General's Staff

  • The Director General is responsible for the general management of VMM.
  • This also includes strategic planning and diversity policy.

 Integrated Water Policy Management

  • Secretariat of the Coordination Committee Integrated Water Policy

  • Supporting the operation of the basin structures and coordination of the basin-oriented operation within VMM
  • Coordinating the preparation and financing of river basin management plans
  • Modelling of surface water quality

Water Monitoring Department

  • Measuring, inventorying, reporting and modelling of water emissions
  • Measuring, modelling and reporting of surface water quality and water soil quality
  • VMM laboratories in Ghent and Ostend

Air Monitoring, Environmental Reporting and Communication Department

  • Inventorying, reporting and modelling of air emissions, and providing advice on air environmental permit applications
  • Measuring, modelling and reporting of air quality, and forecasting and follow-up of smog periods (IRCEL - Interregional Environment Agency)
  • Reporting on the condition of the Flemish Environment through the Flanders Environment Report (MIRA)
  • International environmental policy Communication

Ecological Supervision Wastewater Treatment Department

  • Supervision of development of the sewage infrastructure
  • Supervision of management of the sewage infrastructure
  • Data management of the sewage infrastructure
  • Providing advice on wastewater discharge environmental permit applications, including management of environmentally hazardous and diffuse substances

Economical Supervision Wastewater Treatment Department

  • Economical supervision of municipal and supramunicipal sewage, including correct cost allocation
  • Assessment, collection and recovery of wastewater and groundwater levies
  • Regulating authority "WaterRegulator"

Operational Water Management Department

  • Management of unnavigable watercourses, including investments, maintenance, supervision and ecological water management
  • Groundwater management, including advice on groundwater environmental permit applications
  • Local water management, including subsidisation of polders and wateringen, and collaboration with local authorities
  • Drinking water and grey water management
  • Rat control
  • Water system knowledge management, including advice on water assessment applications and flood management

Knowledge Management Department

  • ICTKnowledge management
  • Organisational development
  • Quality assurance
  • Internal environmental care

General Affairs Department

  • Human Resources
  • Legal Accounting, budgeting and facility management
  • Field logistics support
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