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VMM in Flanders

Flanders is one of the three Belgian regions with its own government, parliament and administration. The other two are the Brussels-Capital Region and the Walloon Region. The Flemish government is responsible for the environment in Flanders. Only a limited number of tasks such as product policy, protection of the North Sea and ionising radiation are still part of the federal competences.

The Flemish minister of the environment implements the environmental policy. For the preparation and implementation of the policy, the minister can count on the collaboration of an administration and a number of bodies from the Departement of Environment and Spatial Development. Flanders Environment Agency is one of these bodies.

In addition, VMM cooperates closely with numerous organisations: the Flemish provinces, cities and municipalities, the polders and irrigation waterways, Flanders Welfare and Health agency, Flanders ministry of Transport and Public Works, environment and nature organisations, etc. All of these organisations work together to optimise the environmental policy and actually improve the environment.

en.vmm.be is an official website from the Flemish govenment

Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) covers three main areas: water, air quality and climate (adaptation).