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Presenting the new look VMM

Day after day, we are working together with you on tomorrow's environment. Our new look presentation brochure includes some useful tools that will help you nicely along your way.

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Blueprint for a System Dynamics Model

Commissioned by MIRA, VITO developed a prototype or blueprint for a 'system dynamics model for Flanders'. A system dynamics model captures the dependencies between the state variables that drive the dynamic behaviour of a system. This allows to calculate different combinations of scenarios and policy choices in a consistent manner, and to determine the medium- and long-term impact to be determined.

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Air Quality in the Flemish Region 2014

Flanders is meeting many of the European air quality targets, for the first time also for particulate matter. Nonetheless, further efforts are needed for even better protection of public health. This can be read in the new report 'Air Quality in the Flemish Region in 2014'

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Water, air and the environment. These are the three domains in which VMM is active.

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en.vmm.be is an official website from the Flemish govenment

Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) covers three main areas: water, air quality and climate (adaptation).