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CityTRAQ: Together for better local air quality

In the LIFE CityTRAQ project, the VMM is working with 5 partners on data from traffic monitoring and air quality measurements. We are incorporating the data into online tools. These tools make it easier to identify bottlenecks and simulate the anticipated impact of measures that improve air quality. At the same time, we are investigating how citizens can participate in the search for solutions to improve air quality, as well as how citizens can become better involved in the implementation of local air quality policies.

CityTRAQ: what and why?

According to the WHO, air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk in Europe. Air quality limits are often exceeded, exposing a large portion of the population to air pollution. Several initiatives to measure air quality already exist in Europe and Flanders, often with different approaches or methodologies. As a result, policy-makers face the challenge of aligning these different datasets to inform science-based air and mobility policies.

Purpose of the project

The project aims to give local authorities a better understanding of what measurements they need to assess air quality. This is done through the development of:

The screening and scenario tools will help local governments develop measures that help improve local air quality to create a better living environment for residents. Local governments will be encouraged to shape their policy choices in an air policy plan.

All the developments and tools will be made available as widely as possible. This will give other cities and towns across Europe a quick start if they want to improve air quality. They can also use the digital building blocks of the tools to develop their own tool for their specific region.

Pilot projects

The participating cities (Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges) are putting this into practice and are exploring ways to strengthen local air quality policies throughout Flanders. Dutch and Croatian partners are involved as well. They provide help in finding the most appropriate solutions and demonstrate that our approach can work elsewhere in Europe too.

The pilot projects work at different levels of the policy cycle.

  • Antwerp: freight route network & emission-free city logistics
  • Bruges: evolution of air quality throughout the city
  • Ghent: school street and evaluation of circulation plans
  • Zagreb: air quality projects are being launched and lessons learned from previous pilot projects in Flanders are being incorporated

For further information around the Flemish pilot projects, please see samenvoorzuiverelucht.eu.

Go to www.citytraq.eu »

CityTRAQ in Europe

LIFE CityTRAQ is being carried out on behalf of the European Commission within the LIFE programme led by VMM.

Project partners

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (project coordinator)

Stad Antwerpen

Stad Gent

Stad Brugge


Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM)


Kroatische meteorologische en hydrologische dienst (DHMZ)

Project type: LIFE programme
Project duration: 1/09/2022 - 31/08/2026

VMM contributes to the international policymaking and the implementation of environmental obligations.

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