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Clean water for the Dijle and the Senne thanks to Belini

The water quality of our watercourses has improved significantly in recent years. However, further efforts remain necessary. That is why the VMM participates in the European LIFE Belini project to improve the water quality in the Senne, Dijle and Demer basin.

Belini: what and why?

With Belini, the VMM seizes the opportunity to set up, together with seven other Belgian partners, an ambitious project for a targeted and coordinated approach to watercourses in the Senne, Dijle and Demer basin. The project comprises a large number of measures that not only improve the water quality, but also contribute to an improved biodiversity abelini logond a mitigated flooding risk.

The project is conducted within the borders of the international river basin district of the Scheldt. This region has one of the highest population densities in Europe. This puts severe pressure on the water system. The entire region is flood prone. Moreover, the surface water and groundwater in this district is severely affected by industry and nutrients and pesticides from intensive agriculture. This makes it difficult to achieve a good water status.

Purpose of the Belini project

The project is focused on the basin of three tributaries of the Scheldt: the Senne, Dijle and Demer basin. These three basins are representative of the entire Scheldt district. All water management issues characteristic of the Scheldt basin are present here as well: hydromorphological changes, urban pressure, pressure from the agrarian sector, erosion, flooding risks, groundwater contamination, etc.

A number of actions are intended to reduce contamination from agriculture, thereby improving the water quality. Other actions improve the hydromorphological conditions and have a positive effect on the quantity of water. There are also actions that improve natural water storage within the project area, thereby reducing the risk of flooding. All actions have a positive effect on the biodiversity in the waterways.

Belini action map Dijle Zenne

Belini in Europe

Bellini - Dijle

LIFE Belini is a project commissioned by the European Commission under the LIFE IP Programme. This is a funding programme for large-scale and strategic environmental projects. The project thus receives over €9 million in funds, or some 55% of the total budget.

Project partners

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

Leefmilieu Brussel

Service Public de Wallonië

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

De Watergroep

De Vlaamse Waterweg


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