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C5a - Flood risk management

The C5a project combines the outcomes of seven ongoing Interreg projects in the North Sea Region to deliver a cloud-to-coast approach to the management of flood risk. Within the C5a project, the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) is working on an integrated approach for the Zwin area which focuses on establishing an optimal balance between nature, agriculture and housing.

C5a: What and why?

The North Sea Region (NSR) is facing a significant increase in the frequency and severity of flooding in response to climate change. Approaches to flood management urgently need to adapt to this new reality to keep people safe, the environment healthy and our economies prosperous.
The Cluster for Cloud to Coast Climate Change Adaptation (C5a) project aims to deliver a 'Cloud-to-Coast' (C2C) approach to flood risk management.

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Purpose of the project

C5a druppelOur all-encompassing, systematic approach will integrate four constituent systems: the basin, coasts, cities, and infrastructural networks. This should enable the development of sustainable and integrated flood risk solutions across the North Sea Region. For this purpose, we have built upon the results of seven ongoing Interreg NSR projects to ensure that our approach is demonstrably practically based.

We will realise this project in the form of seven pilot projects (such as the Zwin in Flanders) and specially set up working groups, in which policymakers are brought together to exchange experiences and working methods. Both local and international networks will also be used in order to raise awareness and acceptance for this integrated approach.

C5a in Europe

In this project, 10 partners from six countries are working together on common solutions in water management.

Project partners
the Netherlands


Universiteit Twente 

Provincie Drenthe 




Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij


Region Midtjylland 


United Kingdom

Kent County Council 

Sayers and Partners 


Länsstyrelsen Värmland 

Project type: Interreg VB North Sea Region

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