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EO4GEO/Space4GEO - Network for users of space data

The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) is a member of the EO4GEO Alliance, in which new initiatives and projects are being launched as a means of developing sector-specific skills in the space and geospatial sector. One of the fruits of that alliance is Space4GEO LSP, a partnership focusing on optimal use of space data and services.

From EO4GEO to Space4GEO

The EO4GEO (Earth Observation/Geoinformation education and training) project ran from 2018 to 2022 and was an Erasmus+ Sector Skills (European Education, Training, Youth and Sport grant programme) involving 25 partners from 13 EU Member States that was promoted under the Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills (introduced by the Skills Agenda of Europe 2016).

The goal of the EO4GEO project was to help bridge the skills gap in the space and geospatial sectors by creating a strong alliance of community players. The main objective was to strengthen the existing training and education ecosystem and to promote the acceptance and integration of space and geospatial data and services within a broad range of applications.

EO4GEO adopted a multi- and interdisciplinary approach and applied innovative solutions to its education and training activities:

  • case-based and collaborative learning scenarios;
  • learning by doing in a ‘living lab’;
  • on-the-job training and the co-creation of know-how, skills and competencies.

To ensure the sustainability of the project's outcomes, the partners committed to continue the implementation of the sector skills strategy by establishing the EO4GEO Alliance. The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) has chosen to join this Alliance.

In the meantime, members are involved in new initiatives and projects to achieve the strategic goals of the EO4GEO Sector Skills Strategy. As a result, the Alliance quickly evolved into the new Space4GEO LSP (Large Scale Partnership) for space data, services and applications. This new partnership was officially presented on 22 June 2023, at the Paris Air Show. Currently, 50 members from 14 countries have joined the Space4GEO LSP.


Why EO4GEO/Space4GEO?

The space and geospatial sector is of strategic importance. As a sector, it provides support for many European, national and subnational policies. However, space data and services are still not being utilised as effectively as possible. In particular, the use of existing data and services and their integration into value-added services for government, businesses and for citizens, can be greatly improved.

Purpose of the EO4GEO Alliance

  • To establish and update a Body of Knowledge as a ‘living textbook’.
  • To develop tools to support students, teachers and professionals.
  • To develop training materials for specialised training courses.
  • To develop a strategy to meet industry needs.

Members of the EO4GEO Alliance

VMM contributes to the international policymaking and the implementation of environmental obligations.

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